'daddy' is based around the idea 'spooning in the club’ - a self-reflection of Jasper's experience as an artist, DJ, producer and member of collective ’New Scenery’.

"Creating a diversion from a linear narrative, I wanted to formulate the push and pull experiences and my ‘love hate’ relationship of club spaces," says Jasper. "As a non-binary body navigating these spaces, club culture has provided me with the most Euphoric yet traumatising experiences."

"Acts of care are often ritualised and exhausted in my works to prescribe idea’s around care as a unifying action, producing a catalyst to rewire the precarious essence of ‘being a body’ - the body that is formed by multiple bodily acts and the body that deviates and refuses gender binaries."

Artist, Director and Producer - Jasper Jarvis
Garment Design - Adam Wells, Ben Wells
CGI Graphics - Oliver Mitcham
Performers - Chawntell Kulkarni, Beth Long

Taken from: https://fourthree.boilerroom.tv/film/daddy-sega-bodega-jasper-jarvis-selfcare